Meet ROBBiE!

  • ROBBiE used to work as a switchboard operator back in the day, but now they’re bringing their passion for routing audio signals to your DAW.

  • ROBBiE’s latest work is based on the flexible power of sequential switches made popular in the world of modular synthesizers.

  • Deep inside the plugin, ROBBiE will swap between your audio channels in time with the music, or synced to a free clock.

  • Select from one of eight Input/Output slots.

  • Step through your channels in either direction, randomly, or in a repeating sequence.

  • Use Midi Mode for a higher degree of control and flexibility.

  • Dig in now, and check out some creative signal routing with your pal ROBBiE!

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Traversal Modes

trav modes gif

Rate (Daw Synced and Free)

rate gif

Many Inputs to One Output, or One Input to Many Outputs


Sync Left and Right Channels

sync gif

Feelings :)

ROBBiE gif

Audio Demos

Routing a Synth and Drums to Different Effects (One to Many Mode)

Switching between a drum break and synth line (Many to One Mode)

Two types of strange bitcrushing


ROBBiE Tutorial and Track Breakdown by Piotr Garbaczonek

Demo of ROBBiE in One to Many Mode

Here ROBBiE sends some 808 drums to different distortions in time with the music.

Demo of ROBBiE in Many to One Mode

In this demo ROBBiE switches between four different synths playing the same chord progression.

Tim Shoebridge Explains Sequential Switches in Eurorack

This explanation is very clear, and many of the concepts will transfer over to ROBBiE.