blink gif

The blank itself is designed using PCB art techniques, typical of the eurorack blank panel scene.
The layers of the PCB are used as the different colors of an art palette.
Shiny copper, dark and light solder mask, silkscreen, and raw FR4.
On the Glow64 these look something like this.

Dark Mask Light Mask Silkscreen Copper FR4

First the art is created in photoshop. This piece was commissioned from Micheal Proulx.

high res black image

Next it is broken out into layers, and imported into Eagle. The circuit is designed, laid out on the rear of the panel, and routed.

high res black image high res black image

Using the transparent nature of the FR4, we can shine light through the panel with reverse mounted smt leds.
Using entirely smt components, we are able to have a powered blank consisting of a single PCB.
Care must be taken to hide as much of the circuitry as we can behind the art.
Additionally, ample room must be left for the mounting rails.