Gemini Full Size

Sonic Character

Gemini’s four oscillator cores allow you to dial in a wide arrange of tones, from mellow and subtle, to harsh and angular, by tilting, clipping, and waveshaping the core sinusoidal waveform. The looping noise generator too, allows for a wide palette of sounds, from pure white noise, to glitched-out tonal loops and beyond.

Deep Modulation

Modulation is the beating heart of Gemini’s functionality. Route any signal to any control, allowing for FM and AM synthesis, modulation over waveshaping, noise parameters, envelope parameters, and more. Total freedom means allowing for feedback, opening the door to tangled webs of routing, in turn creating unexpected textures and emergent behaviors. This machine has a mind of its own!


The four identical Oscillator Engines feature unique controls over waveshape and timbre, starting with the Tilt and Voice, allowing the oscillator to generate triangles, saws, ramps, squares, trapezoids, and anywhere in between. Utilize the two waveshaping modes to fold or wrap the wave, making it more complex as you go. Adjust the root frequency, and put the oscillator into LFO mode to use it as a slow modulation source.

Oscillator gif

Noise Source

The Looping Noise Source has been tuned to generate a wide scope of textural signals, ranging from harsh white noise, to pitched tonal whines, to digital fragmented dial-up tones. Generate and regenerate snippets of noise. Change the loop size and frequency to generate different textures and pitches. Run the sound through a sample and hold circuit to create stepped digital crunch. Put the S&H in low frequency mode to generate slower modulation signals.

Noise Source gif

Modulation Matrix

The Modulation Matrix, at the core of Gemini, allows you to create dynamic soundscapes that wouldn’t be possible with the base elements alone. Put simply, it allows you to use any signal to control any one of Gemini’s parameters. But quickly, it becomes so much more! Utilize FM and AM synthesis. Create complex feedback networks, that evolve in strange and unpredictable ways over time. You can even Meta Modulate, using a signal to control the amount of yet another modulation routing. Beeping glitching dreamscapes, subtle melodic drones, stairstepping arpeggios of chaos, the machine can play itself, and is guaranteed to take you to places you never would have expected.

Modulation Matrix gif

Gain and Pan Controls

These useful and utilitarian controls allow you to manually set the gain and pan of the five sound sources within Gemini.

Gain and Panning gif


By default, the envelope controls the overall volume of Gemini, and is controlled by the midi input to the device. However, it can also be used in looping mode, where it will automatically loop forever. In looping mode, turn up the sustain control in order to get an infinite drone. The envelope is also available as a source in the Modulation Matrix.

Envelope gif

Random / Global

Gemini’s secret super power, randomization! Click the random button over and over, until you hear something you like. You’ll be surprised more than once by what you hear! Control the random amount to subtly tweak your patch, or rapidly destroy it.

The Global section also features a Main Gain control, as well as a useful audio meter to see what’s going on at a glance. Handy!

Random gif


  • Four Oscillators with waveshaping and LFO mode
  • Looping Noise Source with Sample and Hold Section
  • Gain and Pan Controls, with gain stages acting as Lowpass Gates
  • Midi Controlled Envelope with Looping Mode
  • Deep Modulation Matrix with Meta-Modulation ability
  • Randomizer with Depth Control
  • Global Gain Control, and Output Display
  • Midi control over pitch and volume envelope
  • All parameters fully mappable to Ableton Live


Ableton Live 10+ Suite/Standard with Max for Live

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